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We are a multi-specialist practice combining both expertise and comfort for the whole family.
Specialists Who Make a Real Difference
Our focus is on doing right by you and helping you take ownership of your healthcare.
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Elegant Dentistry is not your run-of-the-mill dental practice. We have created a unique experience that combines specialty expertise with concierge-style customer service. This commitment to excellence starts with our five specialist doctors who have expanded their knowledge and skills for the benefit of our patients.

Not only do our dentists in Lynnwood, WA provide exceptional family dental care, they also are your healthcare partners. This means they become your advocate while you visit our office. Your dentist will answer all your questions, explain your treatment options, and help you to achieve your smile goals. At Elegant Dentistry, you have a true friend and specialist who can provide you with general or specialty care in a matter of days. not months!

We have five specialists at our practice:

  • Catherine Yeh DMD, JD

  • Pooya Soltanzadeh DDS

  • Ashwin Nambisan BDS, MPH

  • Ilya Miloslavskiy DDS

  • Chan Park DDS

Learn more about our skilled dentists below.

Meet Our Experts
Using all our skills and compassion to contribute to the dental concierge experience.

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Dr. Catherine Yeh

Your Concierge Dental Director

Originally from Mequon, WI, Dr. Catherine Yeh (or Dr. Cat) works extensively with surgical and restorative care patients. She couples this with her passion for travel and volunteering at women’s centers. She is the epitome of Elegant’s community service, ethics, and ethos. She found dentistry to be a perfect mix of personal interaction, using her hands and brain and helping others. Dr. Cat loves the opportunity to help get patients out of pain or give them their smile back. She makes sure to explain everything before starting and is a true patient advocate.

Dr. Pooya Soltanzadeh

Your Smile & Beautification Surgery Specialist

Dr. Pooya Soltanzadeh received his DDS from Tehran University, School of Dentistry in Iran. After graduating, he practiced dentistry for three years before spending two years in a post-doctoral program at UCLA School of Dentistry in Prosthodontics in 2012.

Dr. Pooya began advanced specialty education in prosthodontics at Loma Linda University from which he earned a certificate and honors for excellent performance in prosthodontics.

He received his Master of Science (MS) in prosthodontics focusing on 3D printing removable partial dentures and CAD-CAM technology.

He has published several papers and two eBook chapters in the field of removable partial dentures and implant dentistry. He also works full-time as an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry.


Dr. Ashwin Nambisan

Your Implant & Bone Specialist

Dr. Nambisan is a periodontist and dental implant surgeon who is proud to serve our patients in Lynnwood, WA.

He received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore, India. He then continued his educational journey at Loma Linda University, where he achieved his Masters of Public Health.

Dr. Nambisan then focused on achieving a dental specialty and attended Rutgers University. He graduated with a Post Graduate Certificate in Periodontics and took part in the Periodontology Residency Program.

Since then, our expert periodontist has continued to develop his craft and provide our patients with premium healthcare.


Dr. Chan Park

Your Implant, Tissue, & Amazing Smile Specialist

Dr. Park is a down-home University of Washington alumni, where he earned his second specialty training and scholarship in prosthodontics.

Dr. Park served as an army dentist after completing his first specialty surgical training at Seoul National University.

Dr. Ilya Miloslavskiy

Your Beautiful Smile & Cosmetic Specialist

Dr. Ilya Miloslavskiy is a qualified prosthodontist. His specialty includes dental implants and complex cosmetic and restorative dentistry. He enjoys incorporating new technology and techniques into his practice.

Our doctor spent more than 10 years working in New York before moving across the country to Seattle.

While in New York, Dr. Ilya was the Chief Resident of Dental and Oral Surgery at New York Hospital in Queens. He also served as Director of Prosthodontics at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Bioengineering from Stony Brook University

  • DDS from Stony Brook University, School of Dental Medicine

  • Prosthodontics, General Practice Residency/Chief Resident at the New York Hospital Queens Center for Dental and Oral Medicine

  • New York Hospital Queens Graduate in Prosthodontics

Meet Our Caring Team
Working together to make your visit comfortable and worthwhile.

Concierge Dental Director & Patient Advocate

Matthew’s passion and motivation lie in patient care and service. Coming from a family full of many generations of dental specialists, surgeons, and dentists, Matthew brings his knowledge and experience to the benefit of every single patient.

Outside the Office:

Matthew, along with his wife and three daughters, spend days in the beautiful northwest soaking up the natural beauty. You will find Matthew and his girls in full camo gear, hiking in the mountains in western and central Washington, or camping by many of the hundreds of freshwater lakes in the state.

Allen Z.

Concierge Dental Director & Minister of Culture

Allen has worked in boardrooms and manufacturing floors all over the world. Process, precision, automation, and scalability are all soundtracks that play in his head. His primary focus now is to expand and maximize our patient experience.

Outside the Office:

Allen, along with his wife and two grown boys, can be seen exploring and sampling various cultural cuisines at destinations all around the world. If it has two or four wheels, chances are he’s driven it either on or off the track. His ethos is: “Live Life to the Fullest.”


Associate Concierge Dental Patient Advocate

Nicole worked for Amtrak for 18 years but always felt there was more she could do. Her continuing passion for helping people is what led her to dentistry.

She believes there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing people becoming happier, healthier versions of themselves. At Elegant Dentistry, she educates our patients and treats them like family. Nicole feels proud to work for a company that goes above and beyond to make patients feel at home. She is excited to be able to change the world one smile at a time.

Outside the Office:

Mother and provider, Nicole grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She loves hunting, fishing, camping, and being outdoors with her family.


Associate Compliance & Minister of Culture

Long-time union and trade specialist, Angela’s every day has been to expand the functionality and performance of the public trust. Angela joined Elegant Dentistry with her fine-eye toward detail and her ability to install processes that make the entire patient experience seamless from the front end to the back end.

Outside the Office:

Angela is happily married to her husband Joseph, and they love spending time with their beautiful daughter, Reaghan.

I cannot say enough good things about this dental office! All of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the wait time is short, and the prices are very affordable. I have had quite a few appointments at this office and have always had the greatest care shown to me by all.
It is such a relief to have found such an amazing dental practice!

Jamiann. A (Elegant Patient)

Our Core Values
You matter to us! Our goal is to show you how much during every visit.
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People Matter
We believe that happy people make for a better team who can serve you with integrity and honor. Therefore, we spend time working as a team to build a close rapport that we can share with our patients. Everyone matters in our office, no matter your abilities, background, or age.
Our Elegant Implants desk with our phone number on a mat
Right Heart
Our team loves what we do! This drives us to provide value to you as a patient and discover new innovative ways to improve your experience. We genuinely look forward to coming to work every morning and the main reason for that is YOU!
Our Elegant Dentistry team smiling in the office while taking a selfie
Right Mind
Each of our five specialists has pushed themselves to possess a high-level of expertise and technical skill. At Elegant Dentistry, we continue to push the boundaries and strive for technical excellence coupled with five-star customer service. As a multi-speciality practice we will go the extra mile for you.
Step Into Comfort
From our weekend opening times to the front office lounge, we make sure you feel valued and relaxed at Elegant Dentistry.
Our waiting room showing a sofa, flowers, and some magazines

Lynnwood, WA dentistry should always be comfortable and accessible, which is why we are changing the game. Our office has been transformed into a relaxing lounge, where you can take your time and ease yourself into your visit. Not only will you be greeted by a friendly smile, but you are treated like a VIP and even receive your own dental director.

We combine this unique atmosphere with superior dental care using state-of-the-art technology. This includes:

  • Digital X-Rays

  • CT Scanner


  • Digital Impressions

The aim of this modern equipment is to primarily improve your health but also to do it in the most timely way possible. Our practice continues to push dentistry forward with the main focus being you, our patients.

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